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Why see World Ballet Series - Cinderella?

You Shall Go To The Ball

You're invited into the enchanting story of Cinderella, courtesy of the Word Ballet Series as they bring this glittering production of Sergei Prokofiev's stunning fairytale ballet to you in 2024. 

Opulent and magical with moments of heart and humor, this grand production features the choreography of Marina Kessler danced by a cast of 40. With over 100 specially made twinkling costumes and shimmering sets and costumes, World Ballet Series's Cinderella is one once upon a time the whole family will treasure.

What is the story?

One of the world's most adapted fairytales, the story of Cinderella has been interpreted in many different ways over the years, but the core elements remain the same. After her father dies, the young Cinderella is forced by her wicked stepmother to become a servant in her own home, watching her bumbling stepsisters enjoying all the fun, whilst having none herself. Her positivity and spirit keep her going until the family are invited to a Royal Ball. Forbidden to go by her stepmother, Cinderella is surprised by the appearance of a magical Fairy Godmother who whisks her up a beautiful gown, some sparkling glass slippers, and a pumpkin carriage. So dressed, Cinderella heads to the palace. But when the Prince falls in love with her, it looks like it won't be so easy to return to everyday life...

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Finished Nov 3, 2023


Customer reviews

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My goodness this was a truly special experience. I brought my 2 year, a 12 year old, and 9 year old girls and their grandmother and they were entranced. My 2 year old thought the ballerinas were magical fairies, and I paid extra to get photographs with the cast and she was beyond thrilled when a "beautiful fairy" shook her hand. The dancing was phenomenal and entrancing. After the show my 2 year old couldn't stop doing ballerina twirls to be like the dancers. The fact that she enjoyed it AND I enjoyed it AND grandma and the girls loved it made it really special because it can be hard to find enjoyable stuff for all ages.. They utilized their facial expressions and whole body to tell a wonderfully classic tale. They also upgraded our seats for free, we went from the balcony way back to the middle fifth or 6th row. And the costumes- I've been to a lot of shows and things and I've never seen costumes or backgrounds quite like this one. They were BEAUTIFUL. If you're even slightly thinking of going, GO. These performers didn't miss a step and it was Worth every penny I spent. We will all have special memories for a long time. ... Read more


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